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NPs unable to sign handicap parking applications

Posted almost 2 years ago by Administrative Update

The 2017 NC Legislative session started on Jan 25th. Representative Gale Adcock introduced HB11 to the House on Day 1. HB11 adds NP, CNM, and PAs to the list of providers that can provide medical certification and recertification disability for handicap parking privileges.  The Primary Bill Sponsors are Representatives Adcock,  Dobson, Hardister, Cunningham.  

Earlier this week, HB11 was referred to the House Transportation Committee. Tuesday, February 7th, at 11am HB11 will be heard in committee.  It's time to contact the NC House Transportation Committee members to stress that this bill establishes a consistent policy to ease the current burden of confusion, duplicative efforts, and decreases a delay in care to our patients and their constituents.

Contact your state representative if they are a member of the House Transportation Committee. Tell them how nurse practitioners care for their constituents. Here's a link to the list of transportation committee members. http://ncleg.net/gascripts/Committees/committees.asp?sAction=ViewCommittee&sActionDetails=House+Standing_45


Gale Adcock over 1 year ago

Hi folks! The bill description should say CNM (not CMW). Be sure and stress to your legislators who serve on the House Transportation committee that this bill will make it easier for their constituents who need handicapped placards to get them. This bill is about our patients, not us. Thanks. Rep Gale Adcock

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